A sweet little taste of our 2019 Winter Workshops

Winter is about hibernating, recharging and learning some sweet new skills (in a chill way of course). If you've ever thought about getting in touch with your inner nature goddess - have a little taste with our floristry + plant workshops.

We've got Posy Making 101  and one on one sure to bring out that flower fairy love.


For a fluttering fanciful day or a friend's birthday


3 x Pink Tulips

3-4 White Hyacinth stems

1/2 Bunch of Eucalyptus

1 x Mini Monstera leaf


Starting with the Eucalyptus as a back base and laid out flat on a table or held in your hands, place two Tulips in front, followed by the Hyacinth. Add a stem of Eucalyptus to create space, followed by another Tulip and finally the Monstera leaf facing outwards.

Using butcher's paper or other brown paper, wrap like you would a nappy (we will go through signature RW wrapping in detail in the workshops!) then finish it off with twine, and a pretty silk or linen ribbon.

Now that you've got that one in the bag, be sure to check out our Floristry Short Course for foundation techniques over six or more lessons. Here at RW HQ we don't use toxic floral foam (see RW article here) or cellophane so we won't use it in any of our workshops or courses.


Perhaps you love flower crowns - and rightly so because you are magnificent. If you ever wanted to learn how to make your own, our Flower Crown Workshop would be perfect. 

There's a Terrarium Workshop for the plant lovers and stay tuned because we'll be adding a Christmas Wreath making workshop and many more soon!

Peace + Love

RW xo

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